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Ready to promote the hottest new SaaS tool?

Show your audience the NEW way to create content and write copy using with the latest in GPT Tech. Give them a special offer, and when they sign up you’ll get 20% recurring commission for life. (Limited time offer)

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Who should become a partner?

Entrepreneurs with complementary offers

Does your business have complementary products and audiences? Perfect!

Influencers and Professional Affiliate Marketers

Do you professionally promote products via content or ads? Get rewarded for your effort!

Agencies, freelancers, and consultants

Customers will get up to 30k bonus credits + 1 month free trial and you'll earn $$$.

Questions about the Affiliate program?

There is no limit on how much you can earn! Here’s some quick goals for you to picture the possibilities:
Across 10,000 customers, the average revenue per user is $79/mo. You’ll get paid 20% recurring commission for life. 

Approx $15.80 per month for each signup!

Plans start at $29/mo which includes 40,000 words generated. Pricing scales up with the more words you generate with Included is a 1 month free trial + 30 days money back guarantee!

Unfortunately not, Self-referrals are strictly prohibited. The aim of a referral program is to encourage affiliates and ambassadors to spread the word about our product(s), not to get discounts. Attempts to get credit for your own purchase will result in termination of your affiliate and user account for life. So don’t undo your hardwork, and risk losing money from credible signups!

The best kind of affiliate marketing is authentic recommendations to an audience that knows you.


Our team are working on creating content for you to utilise, you’ll get access to a marketing file full of official videos, ads, emails, and social media posts to share.


If you are running paid search campaigns, the only targeting restriction is you are not allowed to bid on branded keyword search terms such as “Copydash” , “” or ”Copydash Pricing”


Do not impersonate or try and trick people into thinking your company is If you do, you will receive a cease and desist letter and be banned from the partner program.


Do not put your revenue at risk from credible signups!

We do not accept all applications to be affiliates. Increase your chances by filling out all answers such as including your LinkedIn and website. The Copydash AffiliateProgram is for people who have an audience and want to promote on an ongoing basis, not for referring a friend or two. If you just want to refer a friend or colleague, use the “Referral Program to give 10k credits and get 10k credits”. Your customer referral link can be found at *coming soon

‍Partner applications are vetted and accepted/declined throughout the week depending on volume of requests.

The official terms of the Copydash Affiliate Partner Program can be found on the signup page!

We recommend you ask your clients to sign up on their computer with your referral link. Then add you as a teammate to their workspace.

If you already have an account and sign up with your referral link on your same device, you will not receive commissions. This is to prevent affiliates from signing up themselves or multiple accounts to get a discount which is against our terms.

Has your client already signed up without your affiliate link? Email and ask to manually add you as the referring affiliate and give them 10,000 bonus credits. Be sure to include their name and email so we can look them up in our database.

The referral cookie life is 30 days. If a user purchases the product past 30 days from the first referred visit, the conversion won’t be tracked anymore.

In short all 3 of these must be true:
1. Net-30
2. Commissions due exceeds $25
3. First week of the month


In the first week of every month, we pay out all commissions that are at least $25 and for sign ups that happened at least 30 days prior.


Commissions accrued are paid out when over $25 has been reached in your account, and then paid out via PayPal during the first week of each month!.

We use the best affiliate tracking software for our partner program. They have world class tracking technology and an easy-to-use dashboard to see your clicks, leads, customers, and rewards.


The way the Copydash affiliate tracking works is if someone clicks on your link, a cookie is attached in their browser. This tracks them so when they opt-in with their email to become a lead (known as “referral” in our partner portal) they are locked-in to be attributed to you. So even if they click on another affiliates link, they are still your referral.


People who click on your link have 30 days to become a lead. If they opt-in after 30 days of first clicking your link, the cookie will have expired so they will no longer be tracked.


Once someone becomes a lead, we extended tracking to 90 days from opt-in to purchase to be attributed to you. This means that if you refer a lead and we nurture them over 90 days and then they buy, you’ll get commissions for that referral.


Commissions are paid out every month for the lifetime they are a customer. Your commissions are synced with their account’s plan, so if they upgrade or downgrade their plan over time your commissions will reflect 20% of their new plan’s price.

Boost your passive income every time you refer to your audience

Your friends, followers, and clients will get 10,000 bonus credits when they sign up with your link and you’ll get 20% commission for life. (Limited time offer)

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